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TypePad AntiSpam

Stack Overflow

  • if you cannot find it here, you cannot find it anywhere. StackOverflow is a site by programmers for programmers. Try to answer one of those questions, they’re hard.

Stealing music videos from youtube

Convert simple text to diagrams

Optimal cube algorithms

This page has lots of algorithms. Whether they are actually optimal or not I don’t know (I think they are, probably generated by ACube).

    Yet Another Pretty Date JavaScript

    together with this gives a very nice human-computer-interface. No more weird time and date issues. You can just say ‘see you tomorrow’ to the computer and it will understand.

      IE NetRenderer – Browser Compatibility Check

      Finally I found a free alternative to browsercam. Now that I have only IE7 installed it’s difficult to solve CSS problems in IE6. Browsercam : $40 per month. Litmus : $50 per month. That’s way too steep for a simple screenshot service I would only use a couple of times per month, for personal sites. At work we use Browsercam but I am not too happy about this service. A lot of times I get disconnected and the wait time is way too high. Can anyone recommend Litmus?
      Update: now I found out there’s also browsershots

        Overview of services that monitor uptime of your website

        This is a good overview of several services that monitor your website(s). Montastic is not in the list, but I’ve had enough problems with that one. My self-written script is still the best, since it’s really really free.

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        Do a full background check on anyone in the US

        Well, that’s pretty amazing. At you can do a full background check on anyone in the US, online, instant, for only $39.95. With it you get details about home ownership (all real estate actually), history of marriage and divorce, and criminal records (yummy).

        I always knew this would be technically possible, just practically pretty difficult to accomplish.

        Someday, I believe, it will be offered world wide, and it will include the full DNA string, picture, and videos of important moments in that person’s life.