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Do a full background check on anyone in the US

Well, that’s pretty amazing. At you can do a full background check on anyone in the US, online, instant, for only $39.95. With it you get details about home ownership (all real estate actually), history of marriage and divorce, and criminal records (yummy).

I always knew this would be technically possible, just practically pretty difficult to accomplish.

Someday, I believe, it will be offered world wide, and it will include the full DNA string, picture, and videos of important moments in that person’s life.

Virtual presentations and conferences

The internet makes travel unnecessary… Of course it’s much more fun to actually go to a science conference somewhere in a distant country. But, at least if we want to explore the information presented, we don’t need to go anywhere anymore. As long as we know where to find this information. That’s the hard part. Today I stumbled upon, where I watched a presentation by Richard Dawkins. It was almost as if I was there. A bit of virtual reality would really help there. Perhaps another 10 years…

Why do people always want more, and keep this merry-go-round spinning?

Very good. It’s a very real true message. In fact the grown ups are all on a merry go round, and if you step off then you fall… So were forced to stay on, long after it’s fun… You can only do your best to have a good time on it, there’s no way to stop it.