Michiel van der Blonk

Michiel van der Blonk

This is an overview of my work on websites.


My personal site was redesigned in 2009 using WordPress. I wrote my own plugin for showing animated Rubik’s cubes.

Please note that all of the websites below have been created as team work. I am not a designer, so the designs are work of other people.


  • VisitAruba.com – XHTML, JavaScript, JSP. A 2009 revamp contains a lot of JavaScript by me. I also created the e-commerce part for ordering the VisitAruba Plus card.
  • Aruba Restaurants – WordPress, JSP, XHTML, PHP, JavaScript. Features: reservation system.
  • Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association (AHATA) – CSS, JSP  update: not a client anymore
  • Chefbook Corporation LLC (ArubaTips) – CSS, XHTML, PHP.

    Update: this site was taken offline in Nov 2007 by choice of the owner.

  • Tranquilo Aruba -WordPress, CSS, XHTML, PHP, JavaScript
  • Wever Marine – XHTML, CSS, PHP.
    Features: MicroFormats.
    Update: this site was taken offline since the company has ceased to exist.
  • Renaissance Marina – XHTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript.

    Features: a style switcher.


Public Sector / Financial


Food and Beverage


Real Estate


  • Ling & Sons Inc – CSS, JSP, JavaScript (AJAX)
  • El Gaucho Restaurant – CSS, PHP, backend, security, e-commerce

    Features: electronic gift certificates

  • Chefbook Corporation LLC – CSS, PHP, backend, security

    (Aruba Tips for Travelers).

    Update: this site was taken offline in Nov 2007 by choice of the owner.

  • VisitAruba Plus – CSS, PHP, XHTML

Legal & Business Consultancies

Retail & Wholesale

Non-profit organizations / Foundations / Museums / Other

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