The wampapache service terminated with service-specific error 1 (0x1)

Many people must have seen this error. I just installed WampServer 2, and got it. An analysis of the problem results in the following possible causes:

  • a misconfiguration in your httpd.conf. This is the most common. To resolve it, go to the command line (Start > Run > CMD), and enter “httpd.exe –S” in the apache\bin folder.
  • port 80 is already in use. This can happen because you have another application, e.g. IIS running on port 80. Actually there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to use both, just not at the same time. From the Wamp menu you can choose Apache > Test port 80 and it will tell you which service is using it. To stop IIS you will have to go to Control Panel > Adminstrative Tools > Services and stop the World Wide Web Publishing service.
  • your firewall is blocking port 80. All firewalls are different. First, just stop the firewall to test if it’s the cause of the problem. If it is, you need to add to the ‘safe list’.
  • Update: I recently found the ‘IIS management service’. This can also interfere with apache, so stop it if you don’t need it.
  • Update 2: Thanks, Anil, for the Skype issue. I had that one as well actually.. So, guys, just stop Skype (right click in the task bar, and exit the app). Then start Wampserver and you can restart Skype. Or change the Skype port numbers. See the Skype support page.
  • Update 3: Check the ip addresses in the apache conf\httpd.conf file. There should be a line saying Listen x.x.x.x:80, with your ip address. You can either try to add a line for (local address) or you can put your actual IP address in there. If the DHCP server of your router has issued a new address it may be different from last time, especially if you use wireless a lot. To check your local IP address, go to the command line (Start > Run > CMD) and enter “ipconfig”.
  • Update 4: If you have Microsoft Sql Server installed, even though the IIS service is disabled, it keeps a web service named httpapi2.0 running. You should stop the service named ‘web deployment agent service’. Thank you Griffith.
  • Update 5: You should also stop ‘SQL Server Reporting Services’.

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