State of the World

If you want to know more about the state of the world, pay a visit to Yes, that term comes from the London underground (‘mind the gap’). I remember almost tripping over that gap between the subway train and the platform, trying to understand what the voice on the intercom was saying…

On this website Hans Rosling explains the history of the world by using animated statistical charts. Perhaps you’ve seen these charts as part of Google analytics. In fact, Google bought the Trendalyzer technology for these charts from them.

What stops population growth
What stops population growth



What stops population growth? from Gapminder Foundation on Vimeo.

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JavaScript arrays, functions and objects

In javascript arrays and functions are very much alike. They are more like brother and sister than like neighbors. Arrays can hold values, which can include objects and functions. Functions can also hold these in their properties, but in addition can act as Class templates to create new objects. They are both objects by the way.

Let’s look at some data viewed in various incarnations, to illustrate the concept:

An array

var fruit = new Array();

Note that this uses strings as index values, creating a so-called Hash or Dictionary. It is different from a traditional array, which uses numbers as index values, as in:

var fruit = new Array();


fruit = ['apple', 'banana', 'cherry'];

A function

var fruit = function()
  this.first = 'apple';
  this.second = 'banana';
  this.third = 'cherry';

It’s important to note that there is a major difference between a function and an object. When a function is created it can act like a constructor (class template), creating new objects with the ‘new’ keyword. Objects cannot do this themselves.

An object

var fruit = new Object();
fruit.first = 'apple';
fruit.second = 'banana';
fruit.third = 'cherry';

this can be rephrased as

fruit = {first:'apple', second:'banana'; third:'cherry'};

Note the weird ending of the line with “;};” which is correct in this case.