Adrian Monk and the case of the crippled DVD driver

Finally solved all computer problems, where nobody else could. After having Infoman have a look at my PC they said it was a virus, and it was repaired, but the problem (sudden reboots) kept occurring. In addition, my DVD player didn’t work anymore. I opened the case and found a dangling cable end, almost touching the motherboard. I think when the fan started blowing, it would sometimes short-circuit the MOBO (it’s a guess still). Anyway I secured it and the problem is now gone. 2 weeks, no reboot.

The broken CD player was a problem with an application named ‘HotSpot Shield’. Actually a pretty good app that enables you to access all kinds of sites that are blocked in your country (e.g. Veoh, Hulu, some YouTube vids). But, the thing came with very annoying ads so I uninstalled it. A couple of days ago I bought a wireless router and setup a network. All went well, but the connection dropped suddenly. I checked the TCP/IP stack and saw ‘Hotspot Shield’ as a layer in there. Damn! I said: “He’s the guy”.

Adrian Monk
Adrian Monk : "here's what happened"

Here’s what happened (Adrian Monk style): “At first we thought it was maybe a virus causing this, but cleaning with plenty of scanners didn’t resolve it. The next suspect was the hard disk, but even chckdsk /r didn’t solve the problems. Then we suspected the drivers themselves and reinstalled and updated all drivers. That didn’t work. But then we found HotSpot leaving a trace in network settings. Hotspot Shield needed to intercept all traffic in order to make sure it looked like it was coming from the US. So it put itself not only in Program Files, but also as an add-on in browsers, and as a layer in TCP/IP. That interfered with the built-in modem driver, which then failed. The modem driver looked for another resource and used one that conflicted with the DVD drive. After removing HotSpot from all network settings and uninstalling the DVD driver, it came back automatically and started responding again. Patient saved, and HotSpot put away.”


Natalee, can you pass me the spam please?

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I’m quite sure we at will receive our share of spam and hate-mail. Today the three suspects (not: criminals) Joran, Satish and Deepak were arrested. I am not sure what the type of evidence could be that led to the renewed arrests. Let’s analyse and do a little Crime Scene Investigation:

  • any one of the suspects has confessed: ridiculous of course, after two years
  • a murder weapon has been found. Possible, but this does only incriminate all three if all three had their finger prints on the weapon. Can you even see finger prints on something that has wore out after two years. No search has been done lately so I doubt this.
  • some already existing DNA has finally been matched. Does that really take two years?
  • (part of) the body of Natalee has been found. This is very much a possibility, but again I doubt it, see above
  • there is a new ‘witness’. Who would come forward after so much time, and would dare to say anything in such a high-profile case?

A lot of question marks remain. By now all are already famous and rich from their book deals, so no one has gotten worse from it (financially that is).

Personally, I hope they start investigating in the US, and just interview all those class mates. Do some serious work.


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Terrifying? Not really.

But the message is clear, and yes, I know that the world will end. But since I already know it I am not shocked. I am still trying to figure out where his logic is flawed, or at least missing some points.

Decide for yourself. And actually I think we could use this kind of logic in daily life a lot more, it only we’d really listen to it. We know we don’t, so maybe there is no point!

As I read yesterday for instance that people are more afraid of a quick certain death than a slow uncertain death (sci-am). So people will be more afraid of let’s say a convicted fellon living in their street, than smoking a pack of cigarettes each day, even though the actual chance of dying from smoking is way bigger.

Someone wrote in the Amigoe (local newspaper) that it is a ridiculous idea to think that solar power could save us, since we’d have to put up solar cells for miles and miles to have enough power for the country. So, who cares? I’d rather have a national park filled with solar cells, and be able to breath fresh air, and use an electric car, than having to breath the dirty car exhaust gasses and be broke from paying gas. I say lets put solar panels in all deserts, national parks, and fill up this earth with free energy.

Natalee Holloway just walked out?

According to a recent article in Amigoe it is quite possible that not only did Natalee Holloway walk back to the hotel herself, but also is there an indication that maybe even Beth Twitty and her (now ex) husband Jug Twitty were involved, and tried to secretly get Natalee off the island.

Unfortunately for the English speaking and reading visitors, the article is in Dutch, but there are really some interesting witness declarations here. Especially Gerard Dompig mentioned that some FBI officials have deliberately tried to prevent the local police from doing proper investigations. They were not allowed to interview Natalee’s classmates for example.

It still surprises me how one single disappearance can make such world news. Personally I don’t think Joran van der Sloot and friends are guilty of anything but leaving a girl behind on the beach. Why would they kill/rape her? Because of the ‘high stakes’? What stakes? You kiss a girl, she had a little drugs maybe, probably marijuana, then what? I don’t think a rich girl on a schooltrip is going to do some heavy coke sniffs and heroine shots. C’mon.

But that’s just me. On the other hand are some of the implications rather far fetched as well, and they make it sound like some evil conspiracy, which is an easy conclusion, since the Twitties have such high rising influence.

Anyway, enough said hopefully about this case. I sure hope they will eventually find Natalee (maybe she’s just grounded by her parents for a long time LOL).

Article in Amigoe regarding Natalee Holloway