Yahoo not only good at JavaScript, now they do Flash too


Simple idea, amazing technology: smart picture resizing

Some things seem very simple to non-tech people. A common phrase is: “can you just copy-paste that technology from the other website?” And yes, if it is a piece of HTML you can. In virtually any other case there is more to it. The correct response is maybe “if you can just lend me your arm for a couple of weeks we should be fine. I promise to take good care of it. I can always use an extra hand. Mwuahaha.”

Computers and software are more like living things, and you cannot just take something out of a program, just like you cannot take something out of a picture by cut and paste, unless it’s a geometric shape, or better, e.g. the right side. That was until now: in the following video we see a demonstration of smart resizing, one of those things that is so plain simple to non-tech people.

I am about as enthousiastic about this as I am about photo-stitching. Too bad nobody made a kick-ass video about that, e.g. the new Photoshop CS3 auto-blend feature. If you have one let me know.

update: I found one, by not being so lazy and using Google. Adobe Design Center videos has a video about auto-blend and auto-align. This is pretty much standard tutorial stuff, so not made to look amazing.

update2: of course someone jumps in and just makes a demo of seam carving using the technology described in the article. I wonder if it’s really as good as what’s shown in the videos.

update3: someone else made a very nice Flash version. The same technology, and a little bit slow as well. Nonetheless a very good version.

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