Fed up with the TOEFL failures

Web writers should all do a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and people should learn not to hire persons who have no language skill whatsoever. I think it’s the upcoming East part of the world that is now invading appearing on the internet with sentences like

New scheme was noticed running in wild targeting those that do money transfers online. Although online banks employ various security measures, they still can be tricked. New “Server Error Messages” scam combines spam, trojans, phishing and a lot of insolence to empty bank accounts of its victims.

If this looks correct to you, grab an “English 101” book now. The Yoda’s Yodas of the world seem to have united, but I say: if you don’t even know what a definite article is you definitely shouldn’t be writing one. Is there a name for this (like LOLCatz, but this one would be without the LOL)?

Update: well I just thought of a name for it – Noartspeak. As in: no article speak. Pronounce it as Nort-speak. I would define it as “writing or speaking English where all articles (a, the, an, etc) are removed from the sentence.


We all had a great laugh at the show, where the quiz master asked the questions in Noartspeak


We all had great laugh at show, where quiz master asked questions in Noartspeak