Fantasy Selling

photo of earth from NASA
The earth is FLAT! Seriously.

Here is a little mind control technique I just thought of: selling/planting an idea into someone’s head by just telling random stuff. You’d have to make sure to put enough symbolism in it, so it enters the brain of the other person through the power of their own associations. Make sure to bring in scientists, religion, government and media. Those are powerful friends to convince people.

The earth is flat

Goal: sell the idea that the earth is in fact flat.
Script: “Hey, you know the whole thing about the earth being a globe is in fact a hoax? Yeah, I didn’t believe it at first, but apparently it’s true. So when you see that image from space it’s always a circle but there is no shadow, so you know it can’t be round. Also, in the bible nobody says the world is round. In fact, in Daniel 4:10, “he saw a tree of great height at the centre of the earth…reaching with its top to the sky and visible to the earth’s farthest bound”. If everyone could see the tree, the earth must have been flat. Also, research has shown that people believe anything on television, and the images from space usually don’t show a moving earth: it is still, fixed as the bible says too. The reason you see that same picture of the earth from space again and again is because the media and the government need to sell this idea so bad. That’s why they need to repeat it, otherwise we would quickly fall back to the truth, which is that the earth is flat. “


3 thoughts on “Fantasy Selling

  1. Great – love the thinking here Michiel.

    I might have to start using this idea to convince people of my theories/research on movies, and culture… (

    ie Some people are totally fine with it, but – others resist, so – maybe I can throw in some random Religion, and Gov’t and Media references – and it might sugar-coat the pill. (Seems one part of the trick is using references people are super-familiar with, and connect the old idea with the new one… exactly as you do in your `Flat Earth Argument’ example.)

    ie I have been thinking about this a lot… It seems, its the memeplexes (mental associations and models) we already have, that allows some new info in, but, we will rigidly resist other “new” (shockingly different) ideas (regardless of: evidence).

    Arthur Koestler’s work on memory (and mental associations, and how they build on top of each other) made me start thinking this way.
    (Also some of Dawkins and Sue Blackmore’s work on memes and memeplexes – and, the incompatibility, of some of them.)

    Anyway, loved this post. There is really something in it, I feel.

    Basically, if `cold hard facts’ don’t work you need to build a conceptual Trojan Horse, so the new (core) idea slips past their little mental `gate-guards’ and still gets into their mind,
    If it’s planted right, then maybe the meme hidden inside the Trojan Horse idea can eat some or all of the other ideas away from the inside. Maybe.

    ie That’s the concept anyway. Might not work in many cases… But maybe statistically it might work often enough, to work overall.


      1. Hehe, YES – that’s another great idea…!
        How to plant an idea (just using language) so that it’s likely to turn up in peoples’ DREAMS…
        (and thus work on their unconscious, to convince them)
        You’re a genius!

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