The wampapache service terminated with service-specific error 1 (0x1)

Many people must have seen this error. I just installed WampServer 2, and got it. An analysis of the problem results in the following possible causes:

  • a misconfiguration in your httpd.conf. This is the most common. To resolve it, go to the command line (Start > Run > CMD), and enter “httpd.exe –S” in the apache\bin folder.
  • port 80 is already in use. This can happen because you have another application, e.g. IIS running on port 80. Actually there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to use both, just not at the same time. From the Wamp menu you can choose Apache > Test port 80 and it will tell you which service is using it. To stop IIS you will have to go to Control Panel > Adminstrative Tools > Services and stop the World Wide Web Publishing service.
  • your firewall is blocking port 80. All firewalls are different. First, just stop the firewall to test if it’s the cause of the problem. If it is, you need to add to the ‘safe list’.
  • Update: I recently found the ‘IIS management service’. This can also interfere with apache, so stop it if you don’t need it.
  • Update 2: Thanks, Anil, for the Skype issue. I had that one as well actually.. So, guys, just stop Skype (right click in the task bar, and exit the app). Then start Wampserver and you can restart Skype. Or change the Skype port numbers. See the Skype support page.
  • Update 3: Check the ip addresses in the apache conf\httpd.conf file. There should be a line saying Listen x.x.x.x:80, with your ip address. You can either try to add a line for (local address) or you can put your actual IP address in there. If the DHCP server of your router has issued a new address it may be different from last time, especially if you use wireless a lot. To check your local IP address, go to the command line (Start > Run > CMD) and enter “ipconfig”.
  • Update 4: If you have Microsoft Sql Server installed, even though the IIS service is disabled, it keeps a web service named httpapi2.0 running. You should stop the service named ‘web deployment agent service’. Thank you Griffith.
  • Update 5: You should also stop ‘SQL Server Reporting Services’.

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  1. Stian Tonnesen on

    I also noticed that if you run the Jungledisk software this will also interfere with Wampserver.

  2. anil on

    ever skype also runs on 80 by default. so it could also create a problem. start skype after wamp gets started and skype would take other port

  3. geoffrey on

    Thanks for the Skype tip-off! Worked nicely.

    – Geoffrey

  4. Andre on

    Yeah I had the same issue and stopped skype and the problem was sorted!

    Tnx guys

  5. twohawks on

    I run into this once in a while and I forget that sometime I adjust the
    *** Listening Port in http.conf ***
    for other PC’s I test from on the local LAN !!

    I am posting so when I come looking for the answer again I will see this …LOL!
    Check yer listening port assignments !!

    Thanks for the post here.

  6. Artem Russakovskii on

    Skype was the issue indeed. I’ve now turned off the Skype port 80 usage in Advanced Settings. Thanks for the hint!

  7. Marty Peet on

    Nother thing you might want to look at is that if you have any aliases configured that they are in fact connected and resolving properly. Easiest way is to empty your wamp/alias directory, copy the .conf files to somewhere and restart all services. If it restarts you’ve found the problem, you’ll need to test each .conf file to find out which one/ones is causing the problem

  8. Seth Wilpan on

    Thanks. httpd.exe -S showed me the error in a config file.

  9. Wookie on

    Thanks Marty Peet, I’d forgotten I was half way through creating a .conf file in the alias directory. Things are working again!

  10. Niels on

    For me Skype as well.
    Thx for this page!

  11. Riz on

    Thanks or sharing and solving my problem

  12. Janak on

    Thanks for sharing this useful information. It solved my problem.

  13. Luis Alford on

    for windiws 7 in order to have the iis started all you need to do is to stop the iis and it will work. thanks for your help

    • michiel on

      So, to start IIS I have to stop IIS? That doesn’t make any sense. I think you mean you have to stop IIS in order to start apache, but still you could run into these port issues with Skype, etc.

  14. wamp user on

    Thanks for this! I have xampp & wampserver2 installed. I couldn’t get wampserver2 services to start up this morning. I quit skype etc, didn’t make any difference.

    I suddenly remembered that xampp had installed apache/mysql as services, but these do not appear in the services list, unlike the wampserver2 services (wampapache / wampmysqld) so I uninstalled xampp’s services via xampp’s control panel and now I can easily switch between xampp / wampserver2 whenever I want.

  15. aero on

    Yeah its f*cking Skype with its port 80

  16. skype!! on

    very very skype!!

  17. Raj Gorsia on

    Also and its mostly my error but when you are using virtual hosts make sure when you are defining your DocumentRoot directories you dont use \ [backslashes] but / [forward slashes].

    This had me baffled for a while until I ran httpd.exe -S which told me my problem 🙂

    Hope this helps others


  18. Julian Gonzalez on

    LOL I was so angry against window$ (just costumed). Thank you for the skype tip.

    greetings from Colombia (South America)

  19. Jonathan Kaye on

    Thanks for the reminder about stopping other services. In my case, it was the Flash Media Server that grabbed port 80, so I stopped it, then started WAMP, then re-started the Flash Media Server.

  20. K.Ramanathan on


    I also got the same error for a while.Then I found from this page that the IIS is giving problem. I removed the IIS as I do not need it now, Wamp starts working fine.


  21. olav on

    Great thanks from Olav…

  22. Hoàng Trung Dương (@htinfo) on

    Thanks for sharing this useful information. It solved my problem. :))

  23. spike on

    Great, thanks that really helped. Was skype for me.

  24. dusica on

    Also, If you have installed SQL Server, feature SQL Server Reporting Service can use port 80, which can prevent Apache service to start

  25. asdasd on

    what a lameass system… i typed in the httpd.exe -s command and it said my documentRoot folder i wrong…

    why the fuck isnt the error message saying this??

  26. Jim on

    The “web deployment agent service” was the killer for me, thanks for the help!

  27. mujaffar on

    I have installed the avasta antivirus
    So because of this the wamp is not starting?

  28. […] (typeof(addthis_share) == "undefined"){ addthis_share = [];}From Michiel’s post, the easiest thing to check first if you’re a Skype user is to close Skype, and then try […]

  29. Vincent Quigley (@vinnyq12) on

    Skype defaults to port 80. Thanks for this!

  30. Asma on

    update 4 is amaaaaaaazing 🙂 thank you that was my issue… my head rolled till i found out

  31. fero on

    You are awesome…….. man…… Saved my day

  32. WaKeMaTTa on

    Thx for information, in my case was that skype uses port 80

  33. ravi sankar on

    Thanks like anything man!! My case was the first one and i knew it. I desperately needed some guidance in the right direction.

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  35. Prax on

    Thank you so much, it solved my problem after digging lot of links 🙂

  36. Rodney Wienand on

    Thanks Michiel, I spent 3 days on trying to get this operational. Your first paragraph indicated a syntax error on line 18 – from must be used after Allow.

  37. Mark Bennett on

    My httpd.conf file was set to
    Changing to fixed it. Thanks for the help.

  38. Markandeshwar on

    Thanks, after executing the command httpd -S I came to know the error and got the solution too… Now my wamp server is working…

  39. savio on

    thank you ! stopping the SQL Server reporting helped

  40. Chinky on

    Updating the httpd.conf file and changing the Listening port to 8080 instead of 80 solved my issue.,45920,116836

  41. kontol on

    I have to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in penning this
    site. I am hoping to check out the same high-grade blog posts from you in the future as well.
    In truth, your creative writing abilities
    has encouraged me to get my very own website now 😉

    • michiel on

      Thank you very much, I appreciate your support.

  42. Alexander on

    Hello, Michiel. The first advice about “httpd.exe –S” is very useful. Thank you so much. I had trouble configuring Apache to work with PHP7 and syntax check was a lifesaver

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