Natalee, can you pass me the spam please?

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I’m quite sure we at will receive our share of spam and hate-mail. Today the three suspects (not: criminals) Joran, Satish and Deepak were arrested. I am not sure what the type of evidence could be that led to the renewed arrests. Let’s analyse and do a little Crime Scene Investigation:

  • any one of the suspects has confessed: ridiculous of course, after two years
  • a murder weapon has been found. Possible, but this does only incriminate all three if all three had their finger prints on the weapon. Can you even see finger prints on something that has wore out after two years. No search has been done lately so I doubt this.
  • some already existing DNA has finally been matched. Does that really take two years?
  • (part of) the body of Natalee has been found. This is very much a possibility, but again I doubt it, see above
  • there is a new ‘witness’. Who would come forward after so much time, and would dare to say anything in such a high-profile case?

A lot of question marks remain. By now all are already famous and rich from their book deals, so no one has gotten worse from it (financially that is).

Personally, I hope they start investigating in the US, and just interview all those class mates. Do some serious work.


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