Terrifying? Not really.

But the message is clear, and yes, I know that the world will end. But since I already know it I am not shocked. I am still trying to figure out where his logic is flawed, or at least missing some points.

Decide for yourself. And actually I think we could use this kind of logic in daily life a lot more, it only we’d really listen to it. We know we don’t, so maybe there is no point!

As I read yesterday for instance that people are more afraid of a quick certain death than a slow uncertain death (sci-am). So people will be more afraid of let’s say a convicted fellon living in their street, than smoking a pack of cigarettes each day, even though the actual chance of dying from smoking is way bigger.

Someone wrote in the Amigoe (local newspaper) that it is a ridiculous idea to think that solar power could save us, since we’d have to put up solar cells for miles and miles to have enough power for the country. So, who cares? I’d rather have a national park filled with solar cells, and be able to breath fresh air, and use an electric car, than having to breath the dirty car exhaust gasses and be broke from paying gas. I say lets put solar panels in all deserts, national parks, and fill up this earth with free energy.


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