How to find the length of a string

Just out of being bored I decided to share some really basic source code. Here’s how to find the lenght of a text in my three favorite languages:


$s = "simple php programming";
$length = strlen($s);


var s = "simple javascript programming";
var length = s.length;

(Visual) Basic

dim s as string
dim length as integer

s = "simple basic programming";
length = len(s);

6 comments so far

  1. drj11 on

    The JavaScript version has a trivial bug. It should be «var length = s.length». length is a straightforward property, not a method to be invoked.

  2. michiel on

    Thanks. Not only was I bored, also confused 😉

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  5. Slava on

    If a string is Unicoded, how many bytes does string fit?
    Any idea for Javascript solution?

  6. zwembroek on


    Wika linked to this site…

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