Busy fighting spam, viruses and spyware

Yeah it’s that time of year again: I have a disease and it’s spreading. I caught a mean spyware, and I was unprotected. I have AVG installed, so I thought I was relatively safe. But using bittorrent to get official Microsoft stuff is not a good idea (or maybe it is if you know where to look, I don’t apparently). Anyway, I caught ‘access.exe’ and it’s not Microsoft Access. It’s a program that spies on my browser. I found out pretty quickly because the windows firewall just blocked all internet access (and isn’t it ironic, don’t you think…).

So here are some tips for you if you haven’t learned about this topic the hard way

  • For anti-virus I used to have Norton, now I have AVG-free. Just as good (better?) and free.
  • For anti-spyware I have Windows Defender. Also free, and not very annoying, although it seems to have a bit of a quarrel with Norton sometimes. Not a big download (4MB).
  • For anti-spam I have Cactus-antispam. This lovely program does not put an annoying message under each email I sent, as most free services do. It’s also small, and it learns very well. Unfortunately it also has a bit of a learning curve itself. But: it does integrate with Outlook Express, actually with almost any client I know, and some I don’t know.

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