Fighting spam

Everybody is spam-spam-fighting, yeah! And so am I. Not on this blog though, with it’s awesome akismet software. But at work on our servers, spam is a regularly visiting enemy. It’s difficult to explain to customers why we cannot stop spam. But, it seems so simple. Until you learn how smart the automated spam-software actually is, and that there are actual real living people who make it their job to enter spam in web site contact forms.

This week we saw on a server that usually had 100 visitors a month a rate of over 2000 visitors. And a large percentage of that was (just) one spambot.

Every time I thought of a new trick and implemented it, the spambot immediately adapted itself to it’s new environment. I felt like Neo fighting an agent. But, they haven’t beaten me, and since I am the one, I will have my victory!!!


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