FireFox and the endless growing select (impossible resize)

August last year I found a bug in FireFox 1.07 which I reported to the CSS-d list.

I promised Big John a long time ago I would write an article about a rare FireFox bug I found. In the meantime (several months, I know) the bug is probably fixed in FF 1.5. Hang on while I check it. Yes, it is fixed.

The FF growth hormone

Here’s how to reproduce it in FF: create a file with the following contents.

<form action="">
<select name="category" style="height: 1.75em">
<option>Testing Select Box Resize so make it really really long</option>

That’s simple, huh? After this open the file in FireFox and resize your browser window until it covers the select. Then resize it again, making the window bigger. As you resize, the select element resizes with the window, making the select wider (but not higher).

Then try making the window smaller. You’ll notice by looking at the scrollbar below that the select is becoming even bigger as you make the window smaller. There is no stopping it!

I am just mentioning it here for completeness sake, this bug has long been squashed by the excellent FireFox team.


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