Impression of WC2005

logo brutally ripped off speedcubing.comWell, I am back at home, and let me tell you about all the good, the bad and the ugly experiences (yes Gaetan, this is a pun).

The bad

Let’s start with the bad for a change. There I was, standing on the stage, ready to blow everyone away with my sub 20, and then it happened: total blackout. My thoughts got sucked into another dimension and I stared at the cube for what appeared to be ages, but was in fact just a couple of (precious) seconds.

Result: a miserable 25 seconds. The other two solves had the same disease and resulted in 30 and 40 seconds. My average was not better than 20 years ago.

The good

The good things happened afterwards. I must say I loved seeing everyone: Dan, Jasmine, Dan, Macky (didn’t get past security and media though to talk to him), Brent, Ron, Ton, Peter, Lars, Lars. Joël, it was great meeting you finally.

I also loooooved the races that were going on ubiquitously, is that a word? The most fun was that one race table with Yuki, Jon and Doug Reed. They were all so much faster than me, that I was pushed to the upperlower limits of my cubing career. I did several 20’s, some 19’s, some 18’s, 1 or two 17’s and one 16. And on top of that I broke my avg and set a new 21.335, the old one was 22.

The ugly

This wasn’t cube related though. The first day I thought let’s drink lots of water, so I bought a bottle and put it in my bag. The opening mechanism was somewhat like my old popping cube, so it ended up being open inside my bag, thereby destroying not only all the algorithms I had collected for this trip but also my digital camera!!!

If that wasn’t enough on the way back, right when I was about to check in for my flight I found out my wallet was missing. Stolen or lost, I couldn’t say.

update: it appears to have become the good, the bad, the ugly part II, Hollywood ending: Mickey Mouse found my wallet and returned it by FedEx!! Thank you Mickey!



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