JavaScript goodies

I could write a book about javascript goodies… F*** I should do so actually. I have written so many javascript apps/applets/snippets/goodies that it would be a waste if it didn’t get shared with the world.

Thank god for AJAX! I don’t necessarily love the concept of Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), but I love the fact that now javascript is once again popular beyond belief. I am a big fan of the language. Let’s see why:

  • Object Based
  • Loose Types
  • Integrated with the web
  • Regular Expressions
  • Open wide

And that about sums it up. With open wide I mean that once you publish it on the web, everybody can copy and use it. I like that fact. I don’t think code should be private, certainly not the great code that javascript can provide (although apparantly lots of people seem to like ugly javascript for some reason).

What would be in this book? Let’s see:

  • JavaScript: the language
  • JavaScript objects introductions
  • Project 1: a calendar
  • Project 2: a tree view
  • Project 3: Ajax
  • Project 4: drag’n drop windows
  • Project 5: a rubiks cube simulator

I think that makes a nice TOC. And it would be having a lot of goodies in between, like ‘get yourself a Date’ and ‘String Theory’.




2 thoughts on “JavaScript goodies

  1. You forgot the 2 things that make Javascript absolutely dead sexXxy as a language:
    – closures
    – anonymous functions.

    If you would like to grab a chunk of my wiki, and start using it for your book, you are more then welcome to. Fire me an email and I’ll set you up.

  2. I agree. I actually didn’t know about the word ‘closures’, but it is certainly interesting. It prevents some of the problems I have had in the past with passing function references. Thanks.

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